Our Process

1. Project Meeting – An LPC sales consultant can visit your space armed with samples and tools to take preliminary measurements or you can visit our Loveland office. If you visit our office, please be prepared with some photos, sketches, blueprints or rough measurements of your space as well as any materials that will help us share in your vision of your new space. Pinterest and Houzz are great resources. Let us know your preferred delivery date and rough budget and we can get started on your proposal immediately.

2. Proposal Submission – LPC will prepare a proposal detailing your wood choice, door style, finish, delivery and install.

3. Terms / Deposit – LPC requires a deposit to begin design activities. With this deposit, we will provide a 3D rendering of your space, detailed drawings and finish samples for your approval. We offer 2 deposit options to best suit your needs. 
         50% Deposit – Initiates design activities and locks in position in production schedule.
         40% Upon delivery.
         10% Upon completion of installation. ***Terms 50/50 if LPC is not contracted for install***
         15% Initiates design activities. You own the design, drawings and samples.
         35% Deposit – Initiates production activities.
         40% Upon delivery.
         10% Upon completion of install. ***Terms 15/35/50 if LPC is not contracted for install***

4. Final Field Measurements
 – Once the initial design layout has been agreed upon and deposit collected, LPC will visit your space and confirm final field measurements.

5. Approvals (Layout & Finish) – LPC will provide a final drawing package detailing your entire space. We will also create finished samples in the species of wood selected. Your approval of this design package will initiate production activities and start the clock for the delivery of your cabinetry. 

6. Production / Manufacturing – The design software used to create the approval drawings will feed directly into our CNC equipment ensuring a seamless transition from engineering to production. 

7. Delivery & Install – LPC will deliver and professionally install your cabinets. At this point, the next level of payment will be invoiced.

8. Customer Acceptance – If LPC is contracted for the installation of cabinetry, LPC will conduct a walk through with you of your new kitchen to ensure your satisfaction. At this time, a punch-list will be created and agreed upon. Final payment is due at the completion of punch-list items.